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肥蛙mandies kwok 推薦①礦泥潔面乳

肥蛙mandies kwok 推薦②積雪草睡眠面膜

肥蛙mandies kwok 推薦③長效防曬水潤肌精華

365-Day Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee = Confidence in b.glen

b.glen guarantees that all products are returnable and refundable.
In case your purchased product

*does not go well with your skin
*does not bring a satisfactory effect

We established a system so that you can return the product in the above type cases. With this system, you can try out our Trial Set catering to a specific skin problem and product of your interest with a peace of mind.

Important information about refunds

For a Return due to customer's circumstance, the shipping fee incurred for returning the item, is the sole responsibility of the customer.

b.glen - 5 steps from return to refund


Please confirm the "Return Policy".

[ Details ]

Please let us know the name of the product you wish to return.
[ Please email Customer Service at info@bglen.hk]


We will email you with the return acceptance number and the return address.


Please include the return acceptance number with your return and return the product by mail using tracking post.
*The shipping fee incurred for returning item, will be borne by the customer.


Once we have confirmed receipt of the product returned by the customer, we will send the check refund within 2 weeks.

Return policy


Each product can only be returned once

Products included in a trial set are also deemed individual products in a return record. If a family member or cohabitant in the same address purchases the same product, only one return is accepted regardless of who the buyer is. (In the event that the product is identical, only one of the customers can return their product)

*Only the actual purchaser's return request is accepted
*Products that do not have a purchase record in our company (such as online auctions, privately traded products and products purchased in physical stores) and Outlet products are not deemed eligible for return guarantees. Their return applications will not be accepted.


The deadline for a return is 365 days from the date of formation of the purchase contract.
Late return requests will not be accepted.


When 2 or more special sets have been purchased during special offers or special events, only 1 set can be returned.

In addition, when a single product and a special set containing the single product have been purchased simultaneously, only 1 piece (set) can be returned.
Example 1) When 2 or more Pore Care sets (Clay Wash, QuSome Lotion, C serum, QuSome Moisture Gel Cream) have been purchased in combination at the same time → only 1 set can be returned.

Example 2) When 1 piece of QuSome Lotion and 1 Pore Care set (Clay Wash, QuSome Lotion, C serum, QuSome Moisture Gel Cream) have been purchased in combination, even though there are 2 QuSome Lotion, only 1 of them can be returned.


Upon return, the customer may be required to return the special gift that was attached at the time of purchase.

Please consult our Customer Service department for details.


All refunds are made via a posted check. When we have confirmed the receipt of a product returned by the customer, we will send the check refund within 2 weeks.

Example 1) When refunding, the payee on the check will be the actual buyer. (If the buyer’s name is different from the payee on the check, no refund will be given)

Example 2) Customers who use a credit card at the time of purchase will also receive a refund in the form of a check.


Products without a return acceptance number are not deemed an eligible return.

Please follow the "5 steps of return" to request a refund.


Product returned without a product container will not be accepted.

If it is a TRIAL SET, please return the container and the package box together.
If any part is missing, it will not be deemed an eligible return.


When returning a product, please attach the note with the return acceptance number and the product name in the box.

If there is no return acceptance number information, please understand that the return procedure may be delayed or it may not be deemed an eligible return.


When returning a product, please ensure that you use a trackable mailing method, such as "SF Express" and "Yamato Transport".

Please ensure that you write your name, address and telephone number on the postal package when you send it. If our return center cannot confirm your returned product, it will not be deemed an eligible return.


The return shipping fee to our return center will be borne by the customer. Please pay the shipping fee when you send your return.


If the check is returned on account of an error in the address provided by the customer, the shipping cost for resending a check shall also be borne by the customer.

Please ensure that the check address you filled out is correct.


When the same product has been purchased multiple times, the refund amount is based on the amount of the most recent purchase record.


The refund amount is the actual amount that has been paid. The points portion does not count as cash for refund processing.

"The refund amount will be calculated based on the amount at the time of purchase."

If a coupon or points have been used at the time of purchase, the final payment amount shall prevail.
Points earned at the time of purchase will also be void. When using points to purchase a product, the ratio of the payment amount to the points will be calculated, and the used points will be returned to the account.

Example 1) If at the time of purchase the payment amount is 80% and the points amount is 20%, the same amount of 80% payment and 20% points will be refunded when a product is returned. If a product was purchased entirely using points, all the points will be returned.

If a time-limited coupon was used to purchase the product, the coupon amount will be deducted from the return. Points earned at the time of purchase will also be void.

Example 2) If a HK$100 coupon is used to purchase Clay Wash (309HKD), the refund amount is 309-100=209HKD. (*The return shipping costs will be borne by the customer)

Example 3) Let's say you wish to return one item in a special offer set.
You have purchased a "buy three and get one free" special offer package (buying QuSome Lotion, C serum, QuSome Moisture Gel Cream and receiving Clay Wash as a gift) and you only wish to return C serum.

The special offer set priceHK$1,000
The total price of the individual products in the set
(the set includes)
QuSome LotionHK$399
C serumHK$369
QuSomeMosisture Gel CreamHK$479

The return product price ratio: the price ratio of the returned product (C serum)
HK$369 ÷ HK$1,556 = 23.71%
the special offer set discount price x the return product price ratio = the refund amount
HK$1,000 x 23.71% = HK$237.1


If a customer wishes to cancel an order after the product has been sent, the customer must sign to receive the product first. After signing, please request a refund according to our return procedure.

Whether a product is cancelled after it has been sent, returned to our company after the custody time, or a customer has failed to sign for it for any reason, it will be considered a return record, and future return applications will not be accepted.

※When purchasing products at special prices during a promotion period, the calculation method of the refund amount will be different from the above calculation method. Please contact Customer Service for details about the refund amount.

Returns and exchanges due to broken or missing products


If a product is missing a content, please contact the company within 8 days after the product has arrived, and return the product as is to our return center. (The shipping cost at the time of return will be borne by the company.) After confirming the status of the product, the company will resend the complete product.


If the product is damaged during shipment, the shipping company may need to attend the shipping address to investigate the cause of the damage. If this happens, please be sure to contact our company and keep the product in the same condition as at the time of receipt.


In principle, the damage or loss of a product will be dealt with in the form of a "replacement". Depending on the circumstances, it may be dealt with in the form of a "refund".


Product damage is defined as damage sustained by a product container before you have signed for it. The company does not offer any refund guarantee for any changes in the product's condition once the customer has signed for the product and it is in the customers’ custody.

Revised on 1 Feb, 2019 *The rules can change without prior notice.